Value of values

Watching the USA Presidential inauguration yesterday reminded me about how personal values influence character and reputation. So I thought to share five core values that serve as my moral compass as I navigate career and life’s path:

Steadfastness. I want to be dependable delivering on my promise to myself & others, ensure that my obligations are met & that I work diligently to constantly deliver value.


This is my anchor and allows me to be empathetic. It facilitates my being, passions, actions & interactions. It is my essence & helps check my motivations.

“Love is my essence and it helps check my motivations.”


This is where my soul resides when I am alone with my thoughts. It is a constant reminder to be honest and true to my faith, myself & others.


This is about relationships. It is important for me to ensure that I am working collaboratively with others to create value, learn & share. It is also important that I invest my time & energy in building new & nurturing existing relationships. It is also important to review my ecosystem to churn relationships that become energy sapping.


I measure myself to ensure I excel in all that I do. I give my all to deliver value. I stretch & apply myself to deliver on this value & work to influence others to achieve this in all they do.


I am SLICE, what about you?


Nonny Ugboma

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