A quick look at the institution of corruption past present and future in Nigeria and sub-saharan-africa

When assessing the reasons for the non-development of countries in sub-Saharan Africa like Nigeria, commentators and scholars cite corruption as being responsible. My response has always been to point out the fact that Africa does not have a monopoly on corruption. The Bible has numerous illustrations of corruption. Jeremiah 17:9 ASV says that “the heart is deceitful […]

Whose democracy is it anyway? A brief political assessment of democracy in nigeria or africa

Over the last couple of weeks, we have all been watching different events unfold in Nigeria’s political landscape- baffling accounts of the double-crossing roles played by delegates as well as the horse-trading taking place among candidates. We have also read several speculative and disparaging things written about candidates, all fueled by their opponents and mostly […]

Did Colonialism Distort Our Knowledge Production Modes?

In considering the possible impact of colonialism on Nigeria’s development trajectory, I thought I would explore the notion of knowledge production modes. Sociologists define knowledge production modes as the ways knowledge is produced through material structure and social interactions. Accordingly, different societies have their own processes for developing skills and technology, learning and teaching, governing, agriculture, rearing […]

Nigeria at 61

Lending her voice to the celebration of Nigeria’s 61st independence today, speaking with KEMI AJUMOBI, Nonny expressed her opinion on our achievements, challenges and the way forward. Here is what they she has to say. Excerpts. As I contemplate the fact that our beloved Nigeria is celebrating 61 years of existence as an independent country, […]

2021 International Youth Day & The Development Of Nigerian Agricultural Innovation System (NAIS)

Reflecting on this year’s international youth day theme – “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”, I got thinking about the political economy of Nigeria’s agricultural sector. It made me ask – why is Nigeria, despite being endowed with agricultural land, favorable climatic conditions, and a huge supply of human resources, faced […]

Social impact is in her DNA

Nonny Ugboma is an enterprising, definite optimist whose corporate social investment pursuits had resulted in being awarded one of the Top 50 most inspiring women in Nigeria by Business Day Newspaper (2019). She has successfully merged her passion for social development with her expertise in finance and strategic business management in carving out a niche […]

Coronavirus and Societal Inequality

In reflecting on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world, there is a huge realisation that  the world has reached a critical juncture and  there is a harsh wake-up call of the impact of in-country inequality both in  advanced and developing nations. The massive gap between the haves and  have-nots may  have exacerbated […]

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